Non- Veg is Safe to Eat? How much meat is safe to eat per day or week?

Non- Veg is Safe to Eat? How much meat is safe to eat per day or week?

  • 01 October, 2020
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Many of the food- bloggers, chefs, and other food specialists have confirmed that the extract of protein and vitamins in Non-vegetarian food is more than vegetarian food. However, due to the novel pandemic, many non-veg consuming people are concerned with predicting the safety of consuming fish, eggs, mutton, chicken, and other non-veg food items.

Eggs, meat, and fish are the rich and renowned supplements of protein and minerals. Also, the abundance of Vitamins, especially Vitamin B-12, includes non-veg food items like fish and goat meat. The primary food ingredients suggested by health doctors and physiologists include egg and meat. These provide the body with all the essentials to maintain healthy living and fitness and promote the betterment of the immune system.

Is non-veg eating safe these days?

Humans have been consuming non-veg food since ancient times, and there have always been optimistic effects of the same. Meanwhile, due to the Coronavirus, it was suggested to avoid the consumption of raw and uncooked non-veg items. Henceforth, there aroused a massive scare of eating non-veg foodstuffs. It was a suggestion but never a confirmed report by a trusted health organization released in the market in the public domain. None of the statements mentioned the consumption of non-veg food to be a route of spreading the Coronavirus.

However, after the span, FSSI busted the myths regarding non-veg consumption. The health ministry and World Health Organisation declared no linkage between the spread of pandemic and consumption of non-vegetarian food items like eggs, meat, mutton, goat meat, and others in these categories. Therefore, the conclusion stated that it is safe to have non-vegetarian diets.

Why a non-vegetarian Diet?

The component included in non-vegan food is much appropriate for body healing purposes. It further allows the smooth functioning of the internal systems and boosts the individual's outer look.

Some of the benefits of a non-vegan diet are as follows:

1. Animal proteins like mutton and goat meat comprise a higher extract of amino acids. This amino is essential for the proper wear and tear on body parts, especially the joints. They provide a smooth and comfortable finish to the liver and pancreas working and maintains a basic level of the small intestine.

2. Proteins are essential for the body. The deficiency of proteins can cause weakness, diseases, allergies, loss of bones, and weaken the immune system. Eggs and meat are full of protein supplements and allow stomach ease also.

3. Poultry items and eggs are also complete with iron, calcium, and minerals.

4. Consumption of fish and goat meat helps to gain the skin glow and avoids acne too. There are many other benefits of consuming non-vegan diets also.

How often Should I eat meat foodstuffs?

Excess of anything is fatal. Though the non-veg kinds of stuff are full of the beneficiaries, it never implies the excess consumption, leading to negative outputs. As per the American Institute of Cancer Research, a person should not exceed the consumption of 18 ounces of red meat during a week. American heart association suggests choosing fish, meat, and eggs over red meat. However, the consumption of the same should also not exceed above six ounces a day. Having twice vegan days in a week is encouraged by the health ministry.

The different ministries and their meat intake norms are as follows, having an average consumption are favorable:

1. WCRF: Meat(cooked) intake, not more than 500g per week.

2. UK's Department of health: Not more than 70g per day.

3. AICR: Not more than 18 ounces per week.

4. American Heart Association: Less than six ounces per day.

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