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Chicken has always been on the top of the menu of non-vagans.Chicken as a recipe has evolved over time.Nowadays you can find chicken varieties ranging from Butter Chicken to Kadai Chicken to Masala Chicken and what not.While demand for Chicken dishes and thereby chicken itself has risen over time,quality of chicken has become a prime concern for Chicken lovers.The Boiler chicken which is readily available in the market is tasty enough undoubtedly,but the process of rearing of chicken in poultry farm has put many questions in the minds of chicken lovers and health enthusiasts. People have started looking for organic ways to satisfy their hunger for chicken..In such a scenario'Kadaknath Chicken' has emerged as a natural choice for chicken lovers.

Kadaknath chicken,as it’s name indicate,is a Kadak chicken and unique black in colour.It is one of the three black chicken species.Also called ‘Kalamasi’,Kadaknath is native of tribal districts of Dhar and Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh and is also found in Naxal region of Dantewara in the State of Chhattisgarh.Kadaknath chicken from Jhabua districts has been awarded GI tag by Ministry of Commerce and Industry.As mentioned earlier,Kadaknath is black in color which is due to presence of Melanin pigment found in its body.Not just it’s outer body,it’s flesh and blood is also black in colour which can be attributed to the iron content.

What makes Kadaknath special is it’s wild habitat and high protein and low cholesterol content.Unlike boiler chicken,Kadaknath is reared in natural habitat,fed with organic food with no synthetic fodder.As far as the fowl is concerned oncerned,it is more Swift and active than the regular chicken.Kadaknath chicken has many health benefits.Some of them are listed below:

A. As Kadaknath is rich in protein,it helps people with enhanced need of protein fullfil their protein demand.e.g.Gym going people,sporsperson,certain patients etc.Kadaknath has 25% protein which makes it a major source of protien.It can also help patients with protien deficiency get adequate protien.

B. Kadaknath is rich source of vitamins.It contains vitamins like VitaminA,B1,B2,B6,B12,C,VitaninE etc Vitamins are essential micro nutrients which are required by our body to perform crucial functions.Due to it’s vitamin rich flesh,Kadaknath helps people with vitamin related disorders.

C. Kadaknath chicken is quite low in cholesterol and fat.Its flesh contain only 0.75 to 1.03% fat.unlike other varieties of chicken which have high fat, Kadaknath has considerably low fat content which makes it natural choice for people with high blood pressure.So ,without compromising on taste,the consumer can have tasty and healthy chicken,further aiding to it’s demand.

D. Kadaknath contains 18 Amino acids out of which 8 are essential to human health. Kadaknath Chicken also contains 25% linoliec acid unlike regular chicken which contain only 21%.Kadaknath chicken is also useful for patients with chronic diseases and disorders like Tuberculosis,Asthma etc.It also helps people with heart problens.Kadaknath chicken improves blood supply to heart thereby enhancing the performance of heart.

E. Melanin pigment found in Kadaknath helps patients of Vitiligo disorder.In Vitiligo disorder the skin discolour in uneven fashion into blotches due to deficiency of melanin.Kadaknath chicken helps in treating of this disorder.

F. Apart from flesh,eggs of Kadaknath are also in high demand.Eggs of Kadaknath,also known as'Diet Eggs',helps patients with severe headache, fainting spells,asthma and nephritis. With so many health benefits Kadaknath is going to be all time favourite for Chicken lovers.With rare combination of ‘health with taste',Kadaknath is ready to rule the plate.

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